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The Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue Fire Prevention Bureau's main objective is to provide both code enforcement and public education in order to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Fond du Lac.

Code Enforcement:
Code enforcement includes several types of inspections, which include, plan review, occupancy inspections, UST & AST flammable tank inspections, and most commonly fire or maintenance inspections.

Plan Review:
All new construction is subject to a plan review which includes such items as hydrant location, access to the building for fire apparatus, any hazards, internal fire suppression systems, etc.

Occupancy Inspections:
Occupancy inspections are done by the Fire Department on all new construction including multi-family units with three or more apartments prior to occupancy.

Tank Inspections:
The Fire Department does inspections on all non-retail flammable liquid tanks as licensed through the Wisconsin Division of Commerce, on existing tanks, tank installations and tank removals.

Fire Maintenance Inspections:
Fire inspections are done as required by the Wisconsin State Division of Commerce per National Fire Protection Code and the National Life Safety Code as adapted by City Ordinance. Fire inspections are done to reduce the potential for fire and injury in all public buildings including all apartment buildings having three or more units. These inspections not only provide an opportunity to assure buildings are safe and do not contain possible fire hazards but also enable the Fire Department to familiarize their personnel with the building in the event of a fire.

Public Education:
Public education for fire or EMS is available from the Fond du Lac Fire Department and includes, fire safety talks, evacuation planning, fire extinguisher demonstrations, tours, survive alive house, school fire drills, Junior Fire Setters Program, etc.

Any questions or to arrange a Safety Talk call 920-322-3800