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  • 7/22/2015

    National Child Identification Program

     The Fond du Lac Fire Fighters have joined the Green Bay Packers and the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin to help the National Child Identification Program (NCIDP). The NCIDP is a community service initiative dedicated to providing parents and guardians with a tool they can use to help protect their children.

     The Packers were looking for a teammate who could help raise funds, safety awareness, and distribute child ID kits in their communities. They selected their first round draft choice in the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin. “Fire Fighters are highly respected in our communities and their help is always just a phone call away,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy.

     The Child ID Kit allows parents to collect specific information by easily recording the physical characteristics and fingerprints of their children. The Child ID Kit includes an inkless fingerprint card, a DNA collection swab, and a cut-out wallet card. It will allow parents and guardians to easily record pertinent personal information about their child. The kit is stored at home in a safe place and would be handed over and used by law enforcement authorities in the case of a missing child.

     In 1997, the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) created the NCIDP with the goal of fingerprinting 20 million children. In the program’s first two years, nearly seven million ID Kits were distributed through stadiums, churches and community events. Now more than 38 million ID Kits have been distributed, making the NCIDP the largest child identification effort ever conducted. The goal of the program now is to reach all 60 million children in the United States.

     Kenny Hansmire the Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Foundation/FBI National Child Identification Program (NCIDP) and Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson were in Fond du Lac to kick off the program.

     Fond du Lac Firefighters with support from Fond du Lac Fire Rescue will be kicking off the program this month as part of a state wide program in what will be called the Fill-the-Helmet campaign. All funds received in this campaign will be donated to the Safety Blitz Foundation in order to provide child ID kits. The Fond du Lac Fire Fighters saw this as a wonderful chance to get involved with two great organizations to help raise awareness. “This program is so worthwhile that we jumped at the opportunity,” said Todd Shippee, president of IAFF Local 400. “This is a great opportunity for our community to raise money to protect the welfare of our own children.” City of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue (FDLFR) Chief Peter O’Leary is excited to have this unique opportunity to support the grass-roots effort in Wisconsin. “The men and women of FDLFR are honored and will do what it takes to make this cause a success in our community and throughout the state.”

     The firefighters will be collecting donations throughout the summer and fall, so if you are interested in helping this worthwhile cause please stop at the Main Street Fire Station or call (920) 322-3800.

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