Youth Leadership Visits the Fond du Lac Fire Department


On October 12, 2010 the Fond du Lac Fire Department hosted the Fond du Lac Area Youth Leadership Program. These students spent the day learning some of the aspects it takes to become a Firefighter and Paramedic.


Youth Leadership Fond du Lac was created in 2006 to give emerging young leaders the chance to learn how the community works, where its opportunities lie, and how they might fit into future solutions. Teachers and Administrators nominate these students to be a part of this community leadership program, a project of the Fond du Lac Area Chamber of Commerce. Students are nominated as sophomores and make up the next years class of participants. As seniors, they gather interest among their peers in order to help establish classes for this program in future years.


As juniors, students participate in an eight-month long program that runs from September to April. Students meet with leaders from local area businesses and organizations as well as governmental agencies not only to learn how their workplace functions, but what leadership qualities it takes to be a part of their particular organization.

Fire Department Visit

During Youth Leadership Fond du Lac’s visit to fire station, students learned a number of key leadership qualities it takes to be a Firefighter and Paramedic. Lt. John Goldapske, Lt. Rick Faris, and Firefighter/Paramedics Edgar Ramirez , Paul Wilson, Mike Spencer and Brain Vahsholtz demonstrated practical skills used during day-to-day operations. Students learned what it was like to wear Self Contained Breathing Apparatus while completing a search, advanced a hose line while wearing turn-out gear and learned how medical treatment is given to persons in cardiac arrest and diabetic emergencies. Along with these hands-on techniques, firefighters spoke of the numerous decision considerations that need to be taken into account during an emergency situation. Time is critical and stakes are high therefore, the leadership qualities of a firefighter play a significant role in not only the community’s safety but their own safety as well

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