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March 25, 2015

Media Release


On Tuesday March 24, 2015 the City of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue learned about a newly created Facebook page, “City of Fond du Lac Fire & EMS”. This is an unauthorized page which shows pictures of our fire department logo and apparatus and pushes out incident information.  


Prior to yesterday’s developments in Fond du Lac, we had already begun working with our City Information Services Department to have the copycat Facebook Page taken down.  Unfortunately, unconfirmed speculation about the fatal shooting of a Wisconsin
State Highway Patrol Officer was being pushed out on this page and in some cases caused people in the community and the media to believe the information was official information from our agency.  This information was NOT distributed by our agency.


“We take tremendous pride in our careful and tasteful use of social media” said, Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.  “We do not appreciate anyone producing a site on social media which depicts itself as us. By using our official logos, and other media pictures, they give the appearance that they are speaking on behalf of the fire department”. 


You can follow two official social media feeds for our department on Facebook at FDLFIRE and on Twitter @fdlfire.


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