Survive Alive Fire Safety House

In 1993, a joint effort consisting of the Fond du Lac County Fire Chief’s Association and the Home Builders Association of Fond du Lac County collaborated in building a mobile educational tool called the Survive Alive House.

The Survive Alive House is a smaller version of a normal house that is on a trailer featuring a hallway, two porches, a kitchen, and a stairway leading to a second floor bedroom.

Each year in the months of September and October the Fond du Lac Fire Department works hand in hand with area schools to ensure every fifth grade student in the county is exposed to the Survive Alive House. On an average 850 fifth graders are taught annually by firefighters about kitchen safety, how to exit a burning home with an emphasis on staying low, exit drills in the home (EDITH), checking doors before opening, operation of different style windows, the effects products of combustion have on the human body, and the immediate actions to take in the middle of the night if you hear a smoke detector sounding.

Also attached on the outside of the Survive Alive House is a phone to demonstrate the need to dial 911 and what information is appropriate and necessary to relay to the operator. The entire Survive Alive House uses non-toxic smoke, flashing lights, and sounding smoke alarms to simulate an emergency incident and make it as realistic as possible.

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