Sheltering-In-Place: What it Means:

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has made materials available to Fond du Lac County residents on the procedures for Shelter-In-Place emergencies.

City of Fond du Lac Fire Department Assistant Chief of Training and Safety, and LEPC member, Randy Cunzenheim indicates that “there are many
emergencies that could occur in Fond du Lac County that would require residents to Shelter-In-Place; a chemical leak at a local industry, a train car derailment, or even an accident involving a vehicle such as a truck that is carrying hazardous materials”. The LEPC would like residents to be informed that they may need to take shelter where they are, when an emergency or chemical leak/spill is of short duration, the danger could quickly overtake you if you were outside, and there is not enough time to evacuate.  Residents will be informed of the need to Shelter-In-Place via a combination of various notification routes such as outdoor sirens, door-to-door notification, the National Weather Service, NOAA radios, and print and broadcast media.

It is recommended to have a Shelter-In-Place kit ready at all times which should include items such as duct tape, pre-cut plastic for windows and vents, radio, flashlight ,and extra batteries; first aid kit and non-perishable food and bottled water; and a Shelter-In-Place sign for your window.

A brochure containing Shelter-in-Place information developed by the LEPC as well as video demonstrating Shelter-In-Place procedures that was produced by Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) can be obtained through the Fond du Lac County Emergency Management office at (920)929-2911.

For more information on Sheltering-In-Place contact the Fond du Lac County Emergency Management office at (920) 929-2911.

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