Information Required for a Burn Permit

Information Required For A Burn Permit

  • Name of Landowner, address, phone number
  • Burn location
  • Objective of the burn
  • Preferred burn date, alternate burn date
  • Burn Plan Map - aerial photo identifying the following
    • Location of burn area
    • Type, size and location of the firebreaks
    • Test burn location
    • Slope considerations
    • Areas needing special protection from smoke and/or fire
    • Property boundaries, escape routes, safety zones, water resources, hazards
    • Access roads
  • Notification Requirements
  • Permits needed (if applicable)
  • Minimum personnel required to conduct burn
  • Safety and Burn equipment
  • Communication Plan
  • Acceptable Conditions
  • Ignition Plan
  • Contingency Plan
  • Site Assessment

Plan must be submitted and approved prior to implementation.  Cost of permit is $25.00, permit valid for 30 days. Contact Deb Pinnow at (920) 322-3800 or to obtain the paper copy of this permit or download here.

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