Hazardous Materials Teams Responds for Unknown Chemical


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 Hazardous Materials Team Responds for Unknown Chemical

Fond du Lac, WI:  Early Friday morning, June 3, 2016 at 12:50 a.m., Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue was dispatched to 136 West Scott St., the BP Kwik Mart, for a suspicious substance in a garbage can. The incident originated when a person was searching the garbage receptacle for aluminum cans and noticed what he described as a white powder on a plastic bottle.  Soon thereafter, the person developed a burning sensation in his eyes and face area.  City police responded and called for assistance from FDL F/R for help in identification of the substance. Upon arrival, the Engine Company noticed a white vapor coming from the receptacle and called for the Fond du Lac Hazardous Materials Team.  The Haz Mat team and FDL PD used a coordinated effort to remove the unknown chemical which was contained in a 2-liter plastic bottle from the receptacle, utilizing the Police Department’s remote controlled robotic device.  The unknown chemical was placed in a safe location, along with other suspicious contents of the receptacle, which were then turned over to FDL PD and WI DCI for further investigation.

The properties and origin of the chemical are currently under investigation by police and criminal investigators.  Scott Street and Military Road were shut down for a few hours during the incident. FDLF/R was assisted on-scene by the City Hazardous Materials Team, Fond du Lac City Police, and the Wisconsin Criminal Investigation Team.

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