Local Firefighter Joins Mission Trip to Mexico

Firefighters Crossing Borders is a non-profit organization founded by Firefighters for Firefighters. They provide much needed assistance to fire departments located in Mexico that are financially challenged. Their focus is to provide equipment, training and education to those that want and need it.


In November of 2008, one of our own, Fond du Lac Firefighter/Paramedic Edgar Ramirez-Tellez, joined a mission to the city of Culiacan, Mexico. Firefighters from Chicago, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and others cities came together to bring vital training and equipment to our brother firefighters south of the border.


 Culiacan’s fire department is growing quickly and does its best to protect a community of 700,000 with a very limited amount of resources. “El cuerpo de Bomberos de Culiacán” has a very young fire department with both full time and volunteer members.  Firefighter Ramirez , along with others, was able to use his experience to train fellow firefighters on the use of self contained breathing apparatus and in search and rescue techniques.


The newest project initiated by Firefighters Crossing Borders is the establishment of a fire department in the beach city of Sayulita in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Sayulita is located south of Puerto Vallarta. Firefighters Crossing Borders will be brining a donated ambulance and possibly a fire engine to start this department. Their goal is to bring not only their training expertise and firefighting knowledge, they hope to be able to get firefighters in Mexico the equipment they need in order to be successful.


Firefighter Ramirez continues to be involved with this great organization. He not only uses his firefighting expertise to train these firefighters, he has the ability to speak the language and act as an interpreter for the English speaking instructors as well as for the Spanish speaking firefighters. Firefighter Ramirez will be involved with coordinating similar trips to Culiacan in 2010 and 2011.

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