Fire Deparment Receives BRK First Alert Smoke Detector Grant

            Troy Haase
Division Chief of Fire Prevention
(920) 322-3807
(920) 539-8994
5, 2013
Fond du Lac
Fire Department Receives BRK First Alert Smoke Detector Grant
 The Fond du Lac Fire Department recently
received a grant through the Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Program thanks to Vision 20/20, a project overseen by a steering committee
made up of fire prevention experts and agency leaders, and funded by an AFG
Fire Prevention and Safety Grant. The grant provides smoke detectors to the Fire Department which were donated
by BRK First Alert. The program is designed to conduct home fire safety visits by front
line fire fighters. These visits go beyond the simple smoke alarm installation
(which is still a key part) and gets the firefighters involved in performing
focused fire safety education programs during these visits.  It is an excellent way to get
front-line firefighters involved in working directly in the community, helping
promote a safer environment, increasing the productivity of the fire department
and helping create a strong and positive relationship with the community. The
focus of CRR is on high-risk homes,
the very places where a large percentage of fires, deaths and injuries occur
and is a coordinated effort to address this problem through outreach in the
form of home fire safety visits by fire fighters, either alone or in
partnership with social service agencies in the community.

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