Bright Yellow DIscharge Into Fond du Lac River

May 11, 2017


 Troy Haase, Division Chief


Bright Yellow Discharge Into Fond du Lac River Triggers Hazardous Materials Response

Fond du Lac, WI: On May 11, 2017 at 1:34 pm. Fond du Lac Fire Rescue (FDLFR) responded to a report of a “yellow cloud “by the bridge over the Fond du Lac River in at Western Ave.  Fire crews arrived an discovered a bright yellow unknown substance discharging into the Fond du Lac River.  Crews were able to track the discharge back to the city storm sewer system and then met with City Public Works crews to try and determine the possible source of the leak. FDLFR Hazardous Materials crews began to test the product to determine whether or not it posed immediate hazards to the public.  In addition, crews began the process of slowing down the flow into the river. 

The discharge was tracked back to the Fond du Lac County Highway Garage on Dixie Street.  When public works and fire officials arrived at the garage, there was no longer an active discharge. It was determined that paint used for street marking was accidentally rinsed into the storm sewer during a cleaning operation and an estimated 30 gallons of paint mixed with water was directed down the storm sewer.

The Department of Natural Resources was contact and is working with City and County personnel to coordinate the cleanup.  Western Ave was closed for several hours and traffic was rerouted.  There were no injuries reported and at no time was there any threat to anyone in the area of the spill.

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