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  • 2/11/2016

    Ice Safety Tips

    Regardless how well a victim can swim, ice cold water can cause severe hypothermia in less than 30 minutes--leaving the victim too weak to get out of the frigid water. Safety on the ice requires preparation and diligence. You should try going on the ice the first time with an experienced person. Before you venture out, learn how to stay safe on the ice.

    What You Need
    •Crampons (shoe spikes for walking on ice)
    •Personal flotation device
    •Throw rope
    •Set of ice picks

    1. Never go on the ice alone. Naturally occurring ice is unpredictable. Make sure you have proper safety equipment and a buddy.

    2. Wear a personal flotation device (PFD) (buy now) under your winter gear. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources advises NOT to wear a PFD in a closed vehicle. The excess bulk may make it difficult to escape from a car - especially through a window.

    3. Wear appropriate footwear. Crampons (buy now) are used to convert footwear for use on the ice. Some use metal spikes and some use cables - similar to tire chains.

    Carry ice picks at all times. Put them in an accessible pocket where they will be easy to reach while floating in the water.
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